Have you ever been in a situation that you thought was too difficult to overcome, and thought failure or giving up was your only option? I’m hear to emphatically let you know that it’s not! Even when things seem out of control there is always one thing you have control over. It’s your God given ability to Choose! After battling breast caner I know what it’s like to feel hopeless and not in control of my outcome or my body. It was an uphill battle but, in it I realized that no matter how bad surgery, chemotherapy and radiation sucked, I did not have to let it determine how I was going to feel or prevent me from accomplishing the purpose and dreams God had placed on the inside of me. I learned that when you maintain a healthy lifestyle by:

  • Eating Right
  • Exercising Right
  • Thinking Right
  • Sleeping Right
  • Being Spiritually Right

No matter what happens in your life “You Can Still Call The Shots!”