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About Malou Sana

Malou Sana is a Nike Women’s Marathon Legacy runner who has been running marathons for over a decade. She has run over 30 half-marathons, and 3 marathons.

Flab vs. Fit & Fab

Staying fit & fab is more fun than having flab and running is a great way to get rid of flab!

(Malou Sana, a Nike Women’s Marathon Legacy runner, is no stranger to the importance of fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet. After running marathons for a decade she shares some of the joys and benefits to running as well as some simple ‘How to Steps’ for beginners).

It’s free! It’s fun! For me, it’s an awesome way to decompress after a long and stressful day working with attorneys. I started running a decade ago. I am one of the Nike Women’s Marathon Legacy Runners in SF. Being outdoors soaking in lots of sunshine is the best (but don’t forget your sunscreen). I ran my first half marathon in Maui in 2004 with Team In Training and was hooked! I’ve run 30 half marathons, three marathons so far and I’m nowhere near finished.

It’s so easy to get started. First, I highly recommend you get a gait analysis done at any good athletic shoe store for the best running shoes suited to your feet. While you’re deciding on the shoes, be sure to pick up some wick socks to prevent blisters. Start slow and easy and, more importantly, listen to your body. Have fun! If you get a side-stitch or a cramp, keep moving and it will go away. I enjoy listening to music when I go for my two to three hour runs and, if you do too, PLEASE make sure you hydrate and are well aware of your surroundings. Stay safe always, especially when crossing busy streets

Last, and most important for me, is what you eat before and after a run. I’m so thrilled to share the best products I’ve found! I call IsAgenix products my “magic food!” I love our “IsaLean meal replacement shakes”, “e-shots”, “Want More Energy” and more! Having no pain, no cramps, during and after a long run, no headache is an amazing feeling and allows for quick recovery! I’m so blessed a friend of mine shared these amazing products, truly the best out in the market, super healthy and they really do work like magic!!!

Stay Fit & Fab and don’t have Flab!