About Me

“A cheerful heart makes you healthy. But a broken spirit dries you up.”
Proverbs 17:22 (NIRV)


Rhonda has been cancer FREE for 5 years and continues to maintain a cheerful, healthy and active life style. She is presently training for NPC ‘Figure’ competition (transformation pictures and blog post soon to come!)

Rhonda Spinks is a #1 best-selling author, coach and founder of the “You Call the Shots” inspirational YouTube channel. Rhonda’s mission is to inspire others by sharing her story of bouncing back after battling cancer and the life changing Spiritual laws and principals she learned along the way.

“Its not what you go through. It’s how you chose to go through it” – Your circumstances don’t have to determine your outcome.

She encourages people to dare to fight for their dreams and not to succumb to the temptation to give up!

“Don’t allow set backs to stop you from attaining  or reaching your goals. I am a witness that you can accomplish them, even if they might be delayed”

(Learn more about her battle with Cancer in her best selling book)

Rhonda also learned the importance of sharing your story. Not only is it a avenue of healing and release for the individual but it could be the difference between life and death for the those who hear it.

“You never know who needs to hear your story nor the profound and far reaching effects it could have on some one else’s life” “Just knowing that what I struggled through could one day bless someone else assures me that my battle was not in vain”

(If you have a story of empowerment that you would like to share please contact Rhonda)


Rhonda also works for the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a wildlife biologist and serves as a Captain in the Army National Guard. Rhonda Spinks was born in Boston, MA, and grew up in Trinidad, West Indies. She returned to the US to attend college in Oklahoma and has remained there ever since with her wonderful Husband Matt.

Rhonda emphatically declares that when you maintain a healthy lifestyle by Eating Right, Exercising Right, Thinking Right, Sleeping Right, and being Spiritually Right – No matter what happens in your life – “You Can Still Call The Shots!”