4 Tips to Overcoming Addiction

4 Keys to Overcoming Addiction

  1. Admit that you have a problem – this is the first step to any change.
  2. Find your Why – what is the main reason you want to overcome this habitat? For me this was my family. I visualized how heartbroken they would be without me. Keeping this in mind gave me purpose, motivation and the drive to stick with it.
  3. Positive Confession – constantly confess that you are strong enough to overcome this challenge. Write these confessions out and post them around you as a reminder that you can overcome this!
  4. Accountability – find an accountability partner or group that believes in you and is not afraid to be stern with you when needed.

Hung describes his whole journey to victory over smoking and life changing techniques in his upcoming book “Curve Balls of Life – Inspirational Stories and Steps to Rise to the Top“. For more inspiring tips and information about Hung Please check out Hung’s website www.docoaching.net or contact him at: hungdoyn987@gmail.com

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