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14-Day Mental Makeover
Do you know what to do to reach your goals, but find yourself not following through? Here’s why. Problems distract us. Common sense does not become common practice. You must reprogram old mindsets and practices. In this proven step-by-step system Rhonda trains you to perform at your peak, regardless of distractions.

About the book

Rhonda’s Best Selling book “The Spirit of Success” is presented and co-authored by Adam Markel, Executive Director of Peak Potentials, whose phenomenal training has transformed hundreds of thousands of lives around the globe and Bill Walsh, “America’s Business Expert”. The Spirit of Success also harnesses the wisdom of 30 additional entrepreneurs, speakers and visionaries in one game-changing book. Building on the principles of heart-centered leadership and passion-driven transformation, the insightful authors featured in this book will inspire you to take action and guide you toward achieving massive success in business, and in life. In this book we share our true stories of heart-centered leadership and passion-driven transformation—stories that will give you the courage to take the risk and the inspiration to stay the course.”