Tips for freshman

Tips for freshman

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School is over, and now she is a grown (almost) life! Lifehacker prepared 10 tips for freshmen that will help them to adapt to a new place and make student life is not only memorable but also productive.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Can’t find an audience? Don’t know where to buy a travel card? Do not understand anything in the documents and scholarships? Believe me, you’re not alone, and around dozens of people who can help. In many universities, the cubs, even has a curator — student of the senior class, who all show and tell. Don’t be afraid to look stupid with questions like, “where’s the canteen?”. Normally not to know, being in University for the first time.

Try yourself in the unusual things

Dance team, student television, the choir, but at least the cheer squad. No one knows where you find yourself. The University provides such opportunities that were not there before you in school.

Try and take a chance — maybe it will change your life?

Take those opportunities all: competitions, festivals, international exchange programmes, and more while on your shoulders does not lay down the burden of working days.

You will learn how to manage your time, so you do not run for the teachers during the session. After all, hate will depart simultaneously from KVN, chorus and volleyball team because of the burst has not happened. Time management now your all!

Be active in seminars

If the school everyone loved to sit quietly in the back row, then the University is better not to do it. Will respond to the training — remember the teacher and get a chance at “automatic”.

Make new friends

Especially with classmates and upperclassmen. First you have to communicate another four years, and the second will tell you all about the teachers, to share notes and questions for exams. It is also useful to know the activists and staff of the University.

Don’t be afraid session

From the University exams no one has died, believe me. Yes, there will be more than in school, they will be twice a year, but it’s not terrible. And if you take notes, delve into the learning process and start to prepare in advance, you won’t even have to cram all night. Many groups have a practice to study together: questions are divided among all, and write tickets becomes much easier.

Go to the gym

It’s simple: do not get credit and lose scholarships due to the fact that you somehow decided that it does not matter the subject, is insulting and stupid. If you do not want at the end of the year to grab the head, it is better to regularly visit the gym and pool.

In General, this is a great way to be in shape, because exercise University is not like school and often comes in the form of free training or fitness.

Forget everything you were taught in school

Firstly, your exam scores don’t mean anything anymore. Secondly, it is necessary to remove from the vocabulary word “lesson”, “teacher” and “change.” And thirdly, the study now is only your problem. Mom to the CEO will cause the number not delivered, but that’s a bigger problem you can earn with ease. Independence at the entrance to the University are not issued, which is a pity.

Keep it simple

If you have a cold and missed one day, you will not be expelled. If you are going to carry on ten books, you too will not deduct. Even if you are late on a few, you can continue to study further. Try to find a common language with the teachers, and everything will be fine.

Do not throw study

In spite of the previous paragraph. Yes, student life is great, but about lectures and working visits should not be forgotten. In the end, you’re here for this?

Students — the best time

Believe it! School years passed very quickly and as a student the more delay will not work.