Top 5 shocking reasons why staying positive is hard

Why is it hard to stay positive all the time?

Being positive is very important because it contributes to a healthy mindset and lifestyle. But there are still many people in this world that have negative mindsets. However, they ought not to be blamed. There are a number of factors that contribute towards negativity. A person’s negativity can only be reduced based on how much willpower that person may have towards staying positive. This also requires a good amount of mental exercise.

Here are the top 5 reasons why staying positive is hard:

1) Television
We can’t stay positive when the news constantly reports on current events that involve war, violence, crimes, death, illnesses or diseases, and poverty. There is also an increasingly number of reality shows that are being aired that do not give much value to today’s generation.
Instead, read books and listen to audios for at least an hour on a daily basis that gives a good dose of motivation and inspiration. While it is important to stay in touch with current world events, it is also important to NOT indulge in too much negative news that can bring negative emotions. Perhaps, make sure that you watch only TV shows that bring value.

2) Environment or surroundings
There is a certain good amount of negativity that can exist in our own surroundings or the environment that we live in. This can come from the behavior of others in the society or perhaps the laws or regulations that the government imposes that some of their people may not necessarily agree with, all of which that can cause people to indulge in them and develop opinions of. This can spark emotions that involve sadness, anger, jealousy, and hatred.
While they can’t change these situations, they can definitely try to remove or limit their own negative response to these types of events by surrounding themselves with only the good things and people.

3) Family
It can be fairly difficult if you have a family member that continues to degrade, demoralize, or discourage you in some ways that can potentially have an impact in your life.
There is so much negativity a person can take in a household, that when it is too much for any person to handle they would have every right to remove themselves from the family or cut off all ties.
But on the other hand, there are ways to dissolving negativity in a family. It may take a little bit of time and effort, but if it means saving a family, it can be worth it. This could involve more communication amongst family members and making efforts to encourage one another, or even seeking help from a family therapist. It is definitely more important to salvage family relationships than to flee from it.

4) Social influences
The friends that you hang out and mingle with can have a great impact on staying positive. People who are constantly gossiping and backstabbing can hurt a person’s mental and emotional health. Eliminating or extracting yourselves totally from this group of people can help to resolve the situation. It is important to choose your friends or even acquaintances wisely, if you want to stay positive. It is recommended that you pick friends that are like-minded and share the common traits because that way you will be able to maintain positivity.

5) You
Did you know that YOU can be your own worst enemy?
Sometimes you listen to two voices in your heads; one that agrees with you, and the other one that disagrees. If you have a mentality that is always consistently negative, it is impossible to stay positive. You need to remind yourselves that you are responsible for your own thoughts. You are your own demons as much as you are your own inspiration. However, you have the ability and the power to choose.
Surround yourselves as much as you can with people who will continue to encourage you and teach you the virtues that are necessary to empower your life. Make a “ripple” effect on the lives of others through the power of teaching and education. The only way you can continue to stay positive is through encouraging others to do and think the same.
Written By: Amylia Faizal

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